Gorila Fitness: Brothers Build A Premier Fitness Equipment Brand - Morning Chalk Up

In an oversaturated market of copycats striving to be like the larger-than-life brands, Gorila Fitness is a disruptor. 

The company is built on a story of hard work, perseverance and environmental consciousness.  Fitness Gear Home Gym

Gorila Fitness: Brothers Build A Premier Fitness Equipment Brand - Morning Chalk Up

The Canadian-based brand is family-owned and operated by two brothers who had a vision to redefine the industry standards. With the upcoming release of the 3″ Rack Series and the highly anticipated November Hunt, Gorila Fitness is looking to make a big splash in the fitness industry this fall. 

Imagine being in a sauna hand-drilling holes and painting fitness equipment without ventilation. That is what brothers, Martin and Vincent Roy did at the infancy of Gorila Fitness in 2012. The brothers started in a small shed on their parents’ property, venturing to bring their home workouts to another level.

The Roy brothers would travel to CrossFit competitions to set up installations all night followed by manning the Gorila Fitness booth to promote their gear all day. These humble beginnings were a grind, which eventually caught fire and helped the brand grow from a small private shed to a 25,000-square-foot facility in Saint-Pie, Quebec. 

Gorilla Fitness has been uncompromising in their pursuit of the highest quality products. It’s the reason that elite organizations like the Montreal Alouettes, Edmonton Eskimos, Rowing Canada, CCM, CSA ASC Petawawa, and Universities opt to use their gear. 

Sustainability and Environmental Impact Gorila Fitness doesn’t proclaim itself a “green” brand, but their actions and dedication to having a positive impact on the environment speaks for itself. Their manufacturing runs on 99 percent renewable energy and nearly all of the brand’s suppliers are located within an hour’s drive, minimizing the carbon footprint linked to transportation. 

The American Expansion As the company has grown, they’ve broken into the American market and now offer products across the United States. With this southern expansion, they’re not merely looking for customers; they want people to become a part of a larger, ongoing story of change and excellence. 

Gorila Fitness will be launching its 3″ Rack Series, designed to set new benchmarks in the industry. And let’s not forget about the November Hunt—which is like Black Friday stretched across a month, offering free shipping and deals on everything from premium racks to rubber bands.

The bottom line:  When you invest in Gorila Fitness, you’re not just buying fitness equipment; you’re becoming part of something bigger. You’re aligning yourself with a movement that values hard work as much as it does innovation and environmental consciousness. Their unwavering standards set them apart in the industry. Gorila Fitness doesn’t strive to be the cheapest; it strives to be the best.

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Gorila Fitness: Brothers Build A Premier Fitness Equipment Brand - Morning Chalk Up

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