Materials: UHMW-PE with Higher Strength and Durability | Plastics Technology

DSM’s new Trosar UHMW-PE targeted to hard and soft ballistic armoring, air-cargo containers, cable, radomes as well as ropes, nets, and slings.  #polyolefins

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Materials: UHMW-PE with Higher Strength and Durability |               Plastics Technology

A new ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) said to deliver higher strength and durability has been launched by Royal Dutch DSM (U.S. office in Troy, Mich.). While DSM’s Dyneema UHMWPE materials have found use in select, highly demanding applications, an increasingly wide range of manufacturers are now looking to leverage the unique chemical and mechanical properties of these materials for a broader range of applications. DSM’s new Trosar is expected to address this market need and make the use of UHMWPE more accessible than ever.

Given Trosar’s high tensile strength and excellent energy absorption properties, the new material is highly suitable for use in a range of high-performance applications ranging from soft and hard ballistic armoring, air-cargo containers, cables and radomes to ropes, nets and   slings.

Trosar will be made available in various performance grades as fiber and unidirectional laminate (UD). To deliver a reliable supply of good quality, the material will be manufactured to consistent quality standards by DSM in the Netherlands, North America, and China.

Nova’s new biaxially oriented HDPE is seen as a more easily recyclable monomaterial contender versus multilayer BOPP or BOPET films.

Sustainability and the Circular Economy are both a challenge and an opportunity to flexible packaging producers. Recyclable pouches based on all-PE multilayer structures, utilizing new resins and perhaps techniques like MDO or biaxial orientation, appear to be major contenders against glass, metal, and multi-material film structures.

Supply constraints continue to be a key factor in further resin price increases.

Materials: UHMW-PE with Higher Strength and Durability |               Plastics Technology

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