Are Red Front Doors A Good Idea? Joanna Gaines Weighs In

Anyone looking to change up the color scheme of their home's exterior or interior could learn a thing or two from the color rules Joanna Gaines swears by. If you're thinking of painting your front door red, you should be happy to know that the expert approves, although she wouldn't choose that hue herself. "For my own home, I typically tend to lean more toward neutral colors and a clean palette. I might shy away from reds and purples, but there is a time and place for any color. For example, I do think the right shade of red can add character to a front door and is great for curb appeal," Gaines told Real Simple.

Thus, the HGTV star thinks that when done well, a pop of red can make your home more attractive, even to potential buyers. Plus, there are over 5,800 posts using the hashtag #redfrontdoor on Instagram — proving that many social media users enjoy that bold look. So, a red front door can be not just a good idea — it could be a great one. Door Sill

Are Red Front Doors A Good Idea? Joanna Gaines Weighs In

While a red front door can look stunning, choosing the best shade is crucial. As Joanna Gaines said to Real Simple, "The right shade of red can add character to a front door and is great for curb appeal." So, you should never paint your front door red until you're 100% sure of the shade you want. Anyone who isn't too familiar with the various red options should get to know each shade so that they don't miss out on any potentially perfect choices for their front door. Some examples for people looking for something more unique than the classic bright red include red orange (a variation of red with a significant orange tint), wine (a richer and deeper red), and ruby (a more jewel-toned red).

Even the hardware you add to the red door can make a significant difference, so don't overlook this aspect when transitioning to red. All-in-One Paint posted a TikTok video showing how different hardware colors look against the red hue. The video showed how the same hardware in black, somewhat matte silver-ish, and shinier gold all pop differently against the same red backdrop. Many commenters noted that the black hardware was their favorite with the red paint, so if you paint your front door red, you might want to embellish it with sleek black hardware.

Once you decide to commit to a red front door to "add character" — as Joanna Gaines says — it's time to choose your paint. There are a lot of red paints available, but you should be thoughtful when choosing. Not only is color important, but finding the perfect paint finish for your front door is also crucial. Remember to opt for a good-quality, reliable option in the shade you want. For instance, the beloved Modern Masters Express Yourself 1 qt. Satin Passionate Red Water-Based Front Door Paint provides a deep, warm red hue, and it's available for $60.77 at Home Depot. The paint's coating avoids fading, and the product has 4.8 out of five stars and a 93% recommendation rate.

Are Red Front Doors A Good Idea? Joanna Gaines Weighs In

Household Windows Another bold and deep red paint option for your front door is the Color Baggage Project Paint Satin Fringe Acrylic Interior/Exterior Door and Trim Paint (1-quart), selling for $32.48 at Lowe's. A pleased reviewer even gave the paint a perfect five-star rating. On the other hand, if you want a more muted red, the Glidden Fundamentals Exterior Paint Red Gumball / Red, Satin, 1 Gallon is available for $27.97 at Walmart. The fade-resistant, low VOC paint has 4.5 stars. So which option do you plan to use for your front door's red makeover?