Types Of Fencing To Instantly Boost Your Curb Appeal

Erecting fencing around your home is a common way to increase real estate value, garner privacy, designate property lines, and protect your residence. However, there are more options than just a white picket fence, and you don't have to settle for a boring gate to get all you need. From farmhouse rustic rails to ultramodern barricades, there are plenty of different types of fences that will secure your home and boost your curb appeal. To give you some ideas about what you could use to surround your specific home, we've listed eight different types below. 

The style of fence your home needs will depend on your must-haves, like privacy or security and your ideal aesthetic. There are a range of prices and upkeep requirements for each of our fence picks, so it's important to choose wisely. Also keep in mind that the taller you want the fence to be and the larger the property you are boarding, the more expensive the project will be. You may also need to check in with your housing association to ensure your curb-appealing gate adheres to your area's standards. Fence

Types Of Fencing To Instantly Boost Your Curb Appeal

If a clean look is what you're going for, vinyl fencing may be the right choice for your home. Typically, these PVC partitions are white and straight-edged, but there are various options to suit your aesthetic. For instance, you can get the material in a picket layout with a lattice topper, arched edges, or other customizations. Vinyl doesn't require regular maintenance besides cleaning, so it should look pristine for years. On the downside, extreme heat can warp the plastic, while extreme cold can crack it. On average, you'll likely spend $20 to $25 per linear foot for installation.

A wood panel fence screams homey. The wood has a natural feel that complements gardens and porches. You can personalize the railing with horizontal or vertical panels and dark or light stains to match your home's exterior. Plus, they are easy to repair if anything goes wrong. However, wood panels require routine maintenance to keep them from decaying. After cleaning, they need to be restained and resealed. Depending on the quality of the material, installing a wood fence can cost anywhere from $14 to $35 per linear foot.

A split rail fence is the ultimate rustic barrier. The signature horizontal boards don't offer much privacy or security but show off your home's exterior while adding a vintage style. Rail fences have a farm feel since they are typically used to secure livestock, but you can tone down the countryside aesthetic by opting for vinyl, composite, or metal instead of wood. Split rails are low maintenance, even with the wood options, as they are treated to prevent decay. This rustic barrier can cost $11 to $34 per linear foot depending on the material, from budget-friendly cedar wood to expensive aluminum.

A timeless classic is what you'll get with a wrought iron fence. It fits every home's architectural style, from colonial to contemporary, and comes in a range of looks. These heavy-duty enclosures are great for protection and flaunting your home's exterior but not for privacy. Wrought iron is a more expensive option, averaging $26 to $34 per linear foot. Plus, it is not a project you want to cut corners on, as low-quality fences are susceptible to rust over time. With any iron rails, the paint coating can also chip and need retouching, especially if exposed to extreme weather conditions.

If sleek, fashionable design is the name of your game, look no further than horizontal panel fences. This contemporary style has crisp lines that draw the eye around your home, creating the illusion that your property is larger than it really is. However, wooden horizontal fences aren't as durable as their vertical counterparts and tend to warp or sag over time. Plus, they're not the best option if you live on a slope, as you'll lose the signature sleek line look. Wood selections average $15 to $22 per linear foot, while more suitable metals will cost as little as $20 to up to $85.

A steel mesh fence leans more into the industrial style. It checks all the boxes for durability and security, but its open-sight design doesn't give you much privacy. It's not a popular choice for residential areas and is more often chosen for commercial use, but it is also arguably more stylish than chain link fences. This type will require anywhere from $20 to $80 per linear foot to get installed in your yard.

Chain link fences aren't what most people think of when regarding barriers that boost curb appeal, but this humble marker has potential. Its draw is that it is low maintenance and fairly inexpensive compared to other fencing options, costing $2 to $10 per linear foot for residence-grade mesh. Plus, there are affordable ways to cover a chain-link fence for more privacy that can also enhance its simple metal look. You could even paint the barrier to improve your outdoor landscape. Try black for a modern design or your pick of the rainbow for a pop of color.

Types Of Fencing To Instantly Boost Your Curb Appeal

Vinyl Slat Fence A hedge might be the most stylish border option out there. The dense shrub offers privacy, protection, and appeal. You can even customize your hedge with different berries, flowers, and greenery to match your home to a tee. Each shrub ranges from $25 to $45 or more and needs around 3 feet of space to grow. However, using a hedge for your fence requires a lot of maintenance, as these plants need water, fertilizer, and trimming to look their best. Plus, unless you're transplanting adult plants, you'll have to wait for your hedge to grow large enough before it can actually act as a suitable fence.