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Transformers | Hitachi Energy

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Hitachi Energy is a global leader in transformers, offering liquid-filled and dry-type transformers, as well as services for complete life-cycle support, including replacement parts and components.

Our portfolio allows utilities, industries, and infrastructure sectors to maximize return on transformer assets by ensuring high reliability and optimized performance while lowering life-cycle costs and environmental impact.

Many things are possible when co-creation is at the forefront! Respecting the co-existence of Nature and technology while developing cutting-edge pioneering technologies is part of our purpose and passion to keep advancing a sustainable energy future for all, for today’s generation and those to come.

Discover more about this collaboration to make a step forward toward Andorra’s carbon-neutral future.

In honor of Pink October, the transformer factory in Lodz, Poland, produced an unusual transformer specially colored for the Stoen Operator. The transformer not only provides a reliable energy supply for thousands of households but also lends support to local breast cancer awareness initiatives.

The collaboration model enabled Hitachi Energy to use recycled insulation fluid in its transformers, resulting in about 90 percent lower embedded carbon emissions than the alternative, virgin mineral oil.

The strategic partnership will accelerate the energy transition with high-performing and sustainable equipment to modernize, boost capacity, and enhance grid stability.

Hitachi Energy enables Finland’s energy transition: More than half of the wind power generated in Finland flows through Hitachi Energy’s transformers and grid connection solutions.

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Transformers | Hitachi Energy

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